Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Openness and Honesty

Not that I'm going to start sharing every little detail of my day or every single thought I have, but...

I am going to start using this as a venue to start sharing more of my thoughts. This probably should have just been entitled Openness, but I think honesty goes hand-in-hand with openness. If you're not really being open with someone, you aren't really being honest with them…like the "little white lie."

Yes, I still feel that I am living the Young, Sweet Life; however, everything is not always cheery and happy. Until now, I have mostly limited my posts to pictures and updates on our sweet, little angel. So, as I post in the future, I'm sure I'll still do plenty of that, but I will also be posting more of my day-to-day struggles and frustrations, too. As I come across quotes that are inspiring or thought provoking, I'll probably post those as well. This is going to become more encompassing of my life instead of just "censored" snippets that are mostly about my daughter.

Since this might be considered a bit of a drastic change, I just thought I would let you know.

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