Monday, June 08, 2009

A Bit About Us

We are a loving family that became more complete on October 30, 2008.

PC and I met during the summer of 1999 while on a 4-H trip to Georgia. Although we grew-up in the same rural town, we did not know each other until that summer. However, we later realized we had a chance encounter when we were younger; we even have the picture from the paper to prove it. You see, we both took a hay ride with Santa and the local paper had printed a brief blurb about that event for the local children.

Fast-forward to 2003, because of a job offer upon graduation from college, I moved over 300 miles away from family and friends. My Prince Charming soon followed. In 2005, we were wed underneath Laurel Falls in the Smokey Mountain National Park. (The photo below was actually taken on our hike up to the falls.)

In early 2008, we found out we were expecting. What a blessing from God! The pregnancy had its ups and downs, and the doctors were concerned because of the potential problems that could be lurking around the corner. There were a few times the doctors even pressed us to induce. However, we left it up to God's timing, and early October 30, many prayers were answered because we gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl.

Sweet T is the joy of our life!

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