Tuesday, June 09, 2009

April Rose...a scam?

***UPDATE on June 14***

Beccah made one last post to her blog to apologize for everything. Please keep her in your prayers!

***UPDATE on the April Rose Story***

Apparently this whole story was fictitious. I don't want to go into any more details, but I feel that Angie, Jennifer, and Raechel have summed it up very well and I agree with their current stand. Here's the link to the post Angie made. I haven't taken the time to check the other blogs (Jennifer's and Raechel's, but I'm sure they have the same post up or will have it posted soon).

I still think God can get glory out of this; how we all gathered as a community in prayer for B and others on the His Will Wednesday posts, etc. Please continue to keep Beccah in your prayers, and DEFINITELY pray for Angie, Jennifer, and Raechel and all the other blog readers. May we all have a Godly response and surround each other in this time

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