Monday, June 22, 2009

Make My Day

I've been meaning to write about this for over a week now, but I am just now getting the chance.

Recently, my morning routine has included going through a fast food drive-thru to get some breakfast on my way to drop Sweet T off at daycare. The other morning one individual really made my day. Now, before you start jumping to conclusions and thinking that I might have had a horrible start to my day, you better read on. This was anything but that.

My morning wasn't starting off too well, and we were already running behind. I debated on skipping breakfast, but I decided to stop and get something anyway. I pulled up to the speaker and placed my order. I continued to wait in the line in order to pay and get my food. I pulled to the window not knowing how it would change my outlook on the day. When I got to the window, the girl standing there tells me it's taken care of. I gave her a puzzled look and asked if she was joking. She proceeded to tell me that the lady in the car in front of me had asked how much my order was and paid for it; it was taken care of. Wow! You don't know how much I just wanted to tell the lady in front of me thank you. Oh, did I mention I had never seen this vehicle before, much less the driver. Yes, my total was only $2.68, but who does something like that these days?

I was so amazed by this generosity and kindness that I called PC as soon as I had pulled away in order to share the GREAT start to my morning.

I intend to try to pay this forward, so-to-speak, and attempt to do this same thing at least once a month. Who knows what type of an impact it might have.

I just had to share how that wonderful, sweet woman made my day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Prayers for Mommies and Babies

Myah, precious Faith Hope's mommy, continues to post pictures and videos of beautiful Faith on her blog. Even though baby Faith has left us, I feel like her legacy will definitely live on.

One example of how God is working through Faith's short life on this earth is the new blog Myah has created - Prayers for Mommies and Babies. Visit that site when you get a chance and please keep these mothers (and their babies) in your prayers. The good Lord knows they really need to be lifted up. As you pray, try to remember Myah as well. Especially if you have never experienced the loss of a child, one can only imagine the hurt and emptiness she still feels as well as the what if's she may still live with today.

I'm sure she is still in need of our prayers.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TechNotes: Cell Coloring for Modified Cells in DataGridView

Using Visual Studio 2008, here is an example of updating cell coloring in a datagrid to highlight the cells containing modifications.

VB.Net,Visual Studio 2008,DataGridView,CellColoring

Private Sub grdTestData_CellEndEdit(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewCellEventArgs) Handles grdTestData.CellEndEdit
Dim view As DataView = CType(Me.grdTestData.DataSource, DataView)
Dim dataViewRow As DataRow = view.Item(e.RowIndex).Row
Dim Day1 As DataGridViewCell = Me.grdTestData("Day1", e.RowIndex)
Dim Day2 As DataGridViewCell = Me.grdTestData("Day2", e.RowIndex)
Dim Day3 As DataGridViewCell = Me.grdTestData("Day3", e.RowIndex)
Dim Day4 As DataGridViewCell = Me.grdTestData("Day4", e.RowIndex)
Dim Day5 As DataGridViewCell = Me.grdTestData("Day5", e.RowIndex)
Dim Day6 As DataGridViewCell = Me.grdTestData("Day6", e.RowIndex)
Dim Day7 As DataGridViewCell = Me.grdTestData("Day7", e.RowIndex)
Dim originalValueDay1 As Object = dataViewRow.Item("Day1_Yds", DataRowVersion.Original)
Dim originalValueDay2 As Object = dataViewRow.Item("Day2_Yds", DataRowVersion.Original)
Dim originalValueDay3 As Object = dataViewRow.Item("Day3_Yds", DataRowVersion.Original)
Dim originalValueDay4 As Object = dataViewRow.Item("Day4_Yds", DataRowVersion.Original)
Dim originalValueDay5 As Object = dataViewRow.Item("Day5_Yds", DataRowVersion.Original)
Dim originalValueDay6 As Object = dataViewRow.Item("Day6_Yds", DataRowVersion.Original)
Dim originalValueDay7 As Object = dataViewRow.Item("Day7_Yds", DataRowVersion.Original)

If originalValueDay1.Equals(Day1.Value) Then
If Day1.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red Then
Day1.Style.BackColor = Me.grdTestData(0, e.RowIndex).Style.BackColor
End If
Day1.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red
End If

If originalValueDay2.Equals(Day2.Value) Then
If Day2.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red Then
Day2.Style.BackColor = Me.grdTestData(0, e.RowIndex).Style.BackColor
End If
Day2.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red
End If

If originalValueDay3.Equals(Day3.Value) Then
If Day3.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red Then
Day3.Style.BackColor = Me.grdTestData(0, e.RowIndex).Style.BackColor
End If
Day3.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red
End If

If originalValueDay4.Equals(Day4.Value) Then
If Day4.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red Then
Day4.Style.BackColor = Me.grdTestData(0, e.RowIndex).Style.BackColor
End If
Day4.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red
End If

If originalValueDay5.Equals(Day5.Value) Then
If Day5.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red Then
Day5.Style.BackColor = Me.grdTestData(0, e.RowIndex).Style.BackColor
End If
Day5.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red
End If

If originalValueDay6.Equals(Day6.Value) Then
If Day6.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red Then
Day6.Style.BackColor = Me.grdTestData(0, e.RowIndex).Style.BackColor
End If
Day6.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red
End If

If originalValueDay7.Equals(Day7.Value) Then
If Day7.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red Then
Day7.Style.BackColor = Me.grdTestData(0, e.RowIndex).Style.BackColor
End If
Day7.Style.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red
End If
End Sub
I know there is still room for refactoring the above code, but this is a simple solution for updating the cell color on changed values.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

April Rose...a scam?

***UPDATE on June 14***

Beccah made one last post to her blog to apologize for everything. Please keep her in your prayers!

***UPDATE on the April Rose Story***

Apparently this whole story was fictitious. I don't want to go into any more details, but I feel that Angie, Jennifer, and Raechel have summed it up very well and I agree with their current stand. Here's the link to the post Angie made. I haven't taken the time to check the other blogs (Jennifer's and Raechel's, but I'm sure they have the same post up or will have it posted soon).

I still think God can get glory out of this; how we all gathered as a community in prayer for B and others on the His Will Wednesday posts, etc. Please continue to keep Beccah in your prayers, and DEFINITELY pray for Angie, Jennifer, and Raechel and all the other blog readers. May we all have a Godly response and surround each other in this time

Monday, June 08, 2009

A Bit About Us

We are a loving family that became more complete on October 30, 2008.

PC and I met during the summer of 1999 while on a 4-H trip to Georgia. Although we grew-up in the same rural town, we did not know each other until that summer. However, we later realized we had a chance encounter when we were younger; we even have the picture from the paper to prove it. You see, we both took a hay ride with Santa and the local paper had printed a brief blurb about that event for the local children.

Fast-forward to 2003, because of a job offer upon graduation from college, I moved over 300 miles away from family and friends. My Prince Charming soon followed. In 2005, we were wed underneath Laurel Falls in the Smokey Mountain National Park. (The photo below was actually taken on our hike up to the falls.)

In early 2008, we found out we were expecting. What a blessing from God! The pregnancy had its ups and downs, and the doctors were concerned because of the potential problems that could be lurking around the corner. There were a few times the doctors even pressed us to induce. However, we left it up to God's timing, and early October 30, many prayers were answered because we gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl.

Sweet T is the joy of our life!

To God Be The Glory!

Sweet little April Rose and her parents 'B' and 'D' have definitely been on my mind and heavy on my heart the past few days as her arrival was getting closer. She entered this world (and took her first breath...Praise God) on Sunday at 2:48pm. As of the last update, she is still with us! Oh, what a miracle! Check out her blog and look on the right sidebar for some sweet pictures of April Rose.

I know during the past couple of months 'B' has started praying for this to be God's miracle, whatever that might mean. However, she would continue to hope it would be the miracle she had been hoping for...that April would live on this earth. She got the miracle she had been praying for. I guess it turns out that in God's plan His miracle was the same miracle that 'B' had been wanting.

Oh, may 'B', 'D', and precious April Rose continue to enjoy every moment they get to spend with each other.