Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Girl

Although Trinity is not really a baby any more, she will (most definitely) always be my baby girl.

The past few weeks she has gotten so fun. Just like when she started cooing, then moving... as her understanding of the world around her and her vocabulary grows, we are often awe struck with her new "tricks."

She recently figured out she can express her feelings/wants and actually let us know exactly what it was that she wants. "Come on" or "C-mOn" can frequently be heard, and she is so sweet as she looks at you and says it while reaching up and motioning with her hand (opening and closing). "Back" is another new word she has a grasp on, too. If she leads you somewhere and you try to move out of that area before she wants you to, she will often say "back" while either motioning/pointing back to where you were or grabbing on to your legs and pushing/pulling you back.

"Ouside" is also frequently used these days. Trinity loves being outdoors (rain or shine). Now that she's figured out she can tell us what she wants and she will often get it, she is often pointing toward a door and saying "ouside" or even going over to a door and trying to fiddle with the door knob while repeatedly saying "ouside."

A week or so before she started using "come on" and "back," Trinity figured out that she could try to position us how she wanted by guiding us with our shoulders, arms, fingers, legs, etc. She was wanting me to slide the first time she did this with me. She was so cute as she walked across the room to where I was sitting in the floor. Once she got over to me, I thought she was reaching to give me a hug. Instead, she grabbed my shoulders and proceeded to try to "pull" me in the direction of her slide. Once I stood up and started heading in the direction she was trying to guide me, she reached for my finger and led me the rest of the way there. Then, she pointed at the steps and said "slide."

I really wish I could catch some of these moments on video! Trinity's definitely growing up...