Sunday, April 17, 2011

Benot Box - Bento Fiesta (Bean and Rice Burrito)

Last night we had Mexican food for dinner, so we decided to use our leftover beans and rice to create a bento fiesta for today's lunch. Although Mexican food is often high in calories and fat, keeping items simple and pairing them with fresh fruits and vegetables is a healthy way to enjoy this popular cuisine.

  •     Bean and Rice Burrito on a Whole Grain Tortilla
  •     Green Salad
  •     Salsa
  •     Tortilla Chips
  •     Mango Slices

Preparation Notes
  • Fill a whole grain tortilla with beans and rice. Roll up, cut in half and pack into your large unlidded container.
  • Toss tomatoes with green leaf lettuce and pack into your large lidded container along with your dip container filled with salsa.
  • Fill one of your medium containers with tortilla chips.
  • Slice and peel a mango to put in your other medium container.
Source: Laptop Lunches