Wednesday, February 17, 2010

InchBug BumpyName Orbit Labels

For daycare, we are required to label all of our little one's bottles. At first, we tried Sharpie, but that washed off every time we washed the bottles. Then, I tried printing labels, but they didn't last more than a week or so. After some searching, I stumbled across the InchBug labels.

After using them for over a year now, I absolutely love them, and I can definitely say they work-for-me. You get 4 labels per pack; I chose the two-line label in Pinkly Purple. I love the fact that they fit on anything from her slimmest bottles to her Avent and Soothies. An added benefit was that it gave her more of a grip as she was learning to hold the bottle for herself.

The InchBug labels even fit around all the cups she uses now. Since they are practically going to last forever, I'm already looking forward to using these as she progresses throughout her school years.

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Kaye said...

I use these too and love them! Great advice!