Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Legs

Most of our family and all of those at daycare have definitely seen our little one in Baby Legs.

We all think they are great, and they definitely work-for-me. They've been great for several reasons. They protect Sweet T's knees as she crawls around. They make diaper changing or quick runs to the potty a blast because you don't have to struggle with getting pants down. They're also great because Sweet T's a bit hot natured; she'd want to run around without anything on if we'd let her. So, the Baby Legs cause less of a struggle, but keep her legs warm during the cool weather.

We have several pairs. However, after I've seen the new line for the spring (and the socks and tights they've added), I hope to get at least few more. Here is a picture of Sweet T in her rainbow pair.


If you look around the Baby Legs site, you'll see they can be used multiple ways, and they fit everyone - just check out the sizing information. Because I have some circulation issues, I like wearing them as arm warmers.


Ally said...

I love baby legs! They sell some really unique patterns on etsy...of course they aren't the brand, babylegs, but they worked great. I had a hard time finding some "boyish" material until searching on etsy! Cheaper too! Thanks for sharing on your little one is so cute!!

Sarah said...

Last year I had my daughter wear them on her arms with her school polo shirt in winter. That way if she got too warm during the day she could take them off. If she'd had a long-sleeve shirt on instead, she would have been stuck & sweaty.

Hannah said...

Oh, I LOVE babylegs too. Winter is so long here, it's nice to know when we get out that the baby's legs aren't going to be exposed to the cold winter air.

Kim said...

You know they are very easy to make from an old sweater - just cut off the sleeves and sew a hem - cheap too - you can google homemade baby legs for a tutorial

Tawna said...

OH my those are just TOO cute! And so is she! <3