Thursday, February 04, 2010

27 years and 15 months

By the title, I'm guessing you're thinking I can't do math across years and months correctly. Well, that's not exactly true...

Man, time flies! This past week marked 15 months since Trinity entered this world, as well as PC’s 27th birthday.

This milestone in Sweet T’s life can be marked with increased use of her hands and an increase in her confidence with walking. She loves waving and blowing kisses bye-bye. She’s also started signing a few things, like more food and all done. Getting her to sit in one place for a few minutes is growing more and more difficult as she continues to gain more confidence in her walking abilities. This is ever apparent on Sundays. Over the past couple of months, she’s made it through less and less of the church service each week. Her love of shoes is growing right along with her love of walking, too. Many a time, she has picked up her pair of Croc-like sandals off the floor and walked over to PC or me wanting them put on...over the pair of shoes she currently has on. You should see her when we get home in the afternoon, too. I take her out of her car seat and stand her up in our driveway. She’s usually almost at the front door by the time I grab her baby bag, shut the car door, and catch up to her.

Trinity’s biggest delight over the past couple of weeks has been turning lights off and on. She loves flipping the light switches in the house. Plus, while we’re in the car, she begs for the interior lights to be switched on…then off…then on…well, you get the point. She’s turning out to be a great little helper, too. You definitely won’t ever forget to close the refrigerator door, well any door for that matter, or a drawer while she’s around. It’s not that she’ll be in it if you don’t…it’s that she’ll shut it for you if you leave it open. Even if you were going to leave it open for just a few seconds, she’ll close it for you before you’re really done if she can make it over fast enough. She’ll also throw her diapers away for me.

Rhett and Dodger and Trinity are enjoying each other more and more. She now helps me let the dogs out and feed them in the morning, and she enjoys putting them to bed and giving them their treats at night. On weekends, she loves playing with them throughout the day, too.

Now, on to PC. We haven’t had the chance to do much to celebrate his birthday yet. I feel bad about that. He did pick-up a game and a couple of movies last night, and I’ll be making Enchilada Casserole tonight. I guess that will give him some time to relax, but I don’t really feel like that’s enough. For all he does for me, I wish I could think of something more!

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