Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, I’m eagerly awaiting tonight; my parents are coming to visit. This will be the first time my dad has seen Sweet T (in person) since Christmas, and the first time moma has seen her in a little over two months. I can only imagine how anxious they are, too. I really hope Sweet T is feeling well and they get to enjoy their time together.

PC helped me do a mad dash of house cleaning last night. Well, we did some cleaning, but it was more of a reorganization effort in order to hide things until we really got a chance to go through the stack and put everything away. I really appreciated his help. For over a month, I’ve been trying to get the house clean so that our parents could visit, but I rarely made the time. Gee…I wonder why I would give spending time with our precious baby girl priority. Hmmm… I know I need to be better about it, especially since Sweet T will be mobile soon. However, I really hate having to make the trade off between time with her (and PC) and time spent cleaning the house. I guess I could cut sleep out and clean after PC and Sweet T are in bed. What do you think?

I’ll try to take some decent pictures while my parents are here. If I get any good ones, at the first of next week, I’ll try to get them posted along with some notes about this weekend's activities.

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