Monday, March 23, 2009

Green Peas

This weekend went well. My parents came on Friday night and left Saturday afternoon. We didn't get to spend much time with Prince Charming (PC) though because he helped some of our friends fix a fence for their horse pasture. Mom says they'll have to come back soon so that they can visit with him. :o)

My parents couldn't believe how much Sweet T has changed. They got to see her try green peas; they definitely aren't her favorite food, but she does tolerate them. (I think she likes peaches the far.) They also got to see her eat some gravy and suck on a lemon wedge and an orange slice, and I gave her some water out of a glass.

Of course, with all the excitement, I didn't take a single picture with our camera. Mom took several with hers, and I hope to get copies of those pictures.

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