Monday, December 21, 2009

Ready for Potty Training?

Until yesterday, I thought the past couple of weekends was just a fluke. Now, I think I'm wrong.

For the past few weekends, Trinity has come to me, at least once a day, to try to tell me she needs to go to the bathroom. Except for yesterday morning, we were always downstairs, and she would come over and act kind of whiny and want me to pick her up. When I would pick her up, she would start bouncing up and down and grunting. The first time I didn't have a clue what she wanted. On a whim, I tried bringing her to the bathroom. As soon as I sat her on the toilet she went. The following weekend a very similar situation took place.

Yesterday morning was different... Chris and I were in our room getting ready for church, and we were letting Trinity run around and play. Next thing I know, she teetered into our bathroom and started banging on the toilet lid. I decided to give it a try, and sure enough she had to go.

Hey, all of this still may be coincidences with timing. However, after this has happened three weekends in a row, I'm starting to question whether it's a fluke or not. I know she's not ready to start learning how to control it, and she's not at a point where she's coming to me while she's really hard at play. But, I guess I'll be thankful that it looks like she's already starting to show signs of being interested.

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