Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My heart cries

Oh, how my heart goes out to the Freeman's. I am so glad God chose to bless them with precious Kayleigh for the near 11 months He allowed her on this earth. However, my heart still goes out to this family as they must continue their journey through this life without her. One day, probably not on this earth, we will understand how taking her fit into God's plan, but oh the pain and emptiness this family must feel right now. Sweet T is not even 7 months old and I couldn't bear the thought of losing her right now. I could only imagine how I would feel if we had walked a similar journey with her and lost her after over 10 months of fighting and all the ups and downs in between. Wow, as I said, my heart really does go out to Adam and Aimee and the rest of their family. However, I hope that Kayleigh's short life on this earth continues to touch many more lives in the future.

I also hate that little April Rose's mom is having to go through so much additional hurt because of the cruel words spoken/written by a few. She is already having to go through so much because of April's bad prognosis; she should really be trying her best to enjoy this time with April...instead of dealing with the added pain caused by others. Oh, how I hope that April will continue to improve and grow and thrive in the coming days. However, I also still pray that God will continue to wrap His Spirit around them in the coming days, weeks, months... so they will be able to bear what may be ahead if the dr's are right. On the other hand, I really hope God will bless them and prove the dr's wrong and allow April to live outside the womb, just like sweet Faith Hope that continues to baffle the doctors. By the way, they are receiving confrontational and negative comments, as well. Some of their comments have even been targeted at the baby, not at the mother or family. What? Faith Hope is just over 12 weeks old; tell me how she should be causing any harm to anyone right now?

Oh how God must be moving through these stories, because it seems Satin is definitely trying to rear his ugly head here.

Well, I know this post wasn't exactly about us or our lives, but I felt I needed to share.

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